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radio.cubo Brionvega x Supreme

We are glad to announce our new collaboration with Supreme

The partnership with the famous American brand Supreme NYC has given rise to the exclusive restyling of the legendary radio.cubo, made in a limited edition that can be purchased exclusively through the official Supreme channels.

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The success of the Brionvega Art Products in France - The new radiofonografo rr226

We are proud to announce that Brionvega Art Products are enjoying great success in France! Below you can see some of the most relevant press releases of the new radiofonografo rr226 fo-st from June to September 2022:

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The design of Brionvega Art Products in the cinema

"Brionvega was always a fascination for me over the years, always admiring the innovative design and effective performance of their products." 

Francis Ford Coppola (8 times Oscar Award)

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Thanks for visiting us at Fuorisalone 2022

The Salone del Mobile in Milan 2022 ended on Sunday 12th June: seven days full of experiences and emotions in which all the colors who came to visit the showroom were able to fully experience the Brionvega Art Products first hand!

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Brionvega event @ Fuorisalone 2022 live streaming on Instagram

On Wednesday 8th June on the occasion of the Milan Design Week Brionvega will broadcast on its Instagram account an exclusive performance curated by Eugenio Altieri with the Brionvega Art Products.

"The timeless orchestra" an audiovisual experience where the Brionvega iconic objects will be connected in a sound salon, where musical objects and men dialogue in a sweet melody. 

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Visit us at Fuorisalone 2022

Brionvega is proud to officially announce its participation at FuoriSalone 2022, which will be held in Milan from 6th to 12th June 2022.



We are looking forward to your visit at our Showroom, located in the heart of Milan, in Via Solferino 24. Come and discover the new radiofonografo rr226 signed by the brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, the new totem rr231, a faithful re-edition of the project designed in 1971 by Mario Bellini, the new radio.cubo 50°, the edition that celebrates over 50 years of design history from the legendary ts502, born from the collaboration between designers Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper and the radio grattacielo rr327 designed by Marco Zanuso. All products are displayed easy to see and touch, come and experience the Brionvega Art Products.


For fast and queue-free access please fill in the form.

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The design and the history of the radio.cubo exclusively displayed at La Rinascente in Milan

Basement floor - Design Super Market (floor -1)

Reliability and ease of use, durability and beauty, technology and design, ergonomics and chromatic vivacity. These are just some of the features of the TS502 transistor radio, better known as the Brionvega cubo.

Designed by Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper in 1964 following a long research on the shapes that furnishing complements and accessories should take to try to keep up with the times, thus adapting not only to the new style of furniture but also to new needs.

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Brionvega lands in Paris at Maison&Objet 2022

From Thursday 24 to Monday 28 March 2022 (Paris Nord - Villepinte)

An all-new B-to-B event in March in Paris designed for professionals, which will bring together, in one circuit, the spots that make up the Parisian ecosystem of excellence in decor: decorators, interior designers, galleries, great maisons and exceptional craftspeople.
A strong theme that will bring people together around an exploration of the different aspects of the “New luxury”, with exhibitors present across the 14 sectors covering the whole range of styles and product offerings in decoration, design and lifestyle. Exceptional installations by famous names will showcase even more new products, innovations and talented designers, while fascinating interludes will inspire you as never before and make sure your visit takes place under the best possible conditions.

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Karl Lagerfeld, his personal collection up for auction at Sotheby's, including his radiofonografo 126

With over a thousand lots for eight auctions at Sotheby's locations in Munich, Paris and Cologne scheduled between now and next year, Karl Lagerfeld's collection will leave the designer's residences to start a new life in the world. Collectors who, depending on their interests, will be able to choose between design objects, sculptures and posters, clothes and personal effects that tell the life lived as a work of art by the Kaiser of fashion. 

Brionvega's timeless design in two exclusive exhibitions in Seoul, Korea


From March 19 th and for three weeks THM Coffee Shop (based in Seoul, Korea) has decided to dedicate its space for an exclusive exhibition to Brionvega's timeless design.

Inside the coffee shop all the historical pieces of the brand are exhibited: the Algol & Doney televisions and the legendary radio.cubo 50° original projects by Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper, the radio grattacielo rr327D+S designed by M. Zanuso, the Ts217 Wearit designed by Michael Young and the radiofonografo rr226 fo-st by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in white and orange finish.

Article dedicated to Brionvega's design on one of the main Japanese newspapers

An article dedicated to Brionvega's design has been published on, a website managed by The Asahi Shimbun, one of the three main Japanese newspapers since 1879. It is the first Japanese news website with 58 million visitors per month.

Brionvega and the Salone del Mobile 2021 an opportunity to restart

On Tuesday 24th of May a television reportage about the radiofonografo and Brionvega’s design was broadcast on RAI 3 news, national broadcaster, on a large service on the up coming of Salone del Mobile and the importance of design.

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Brionvega at Salone del Mobile 2021

Brionvega is proud to officially announce its participation at FuoriSalone 2021, which will be held from 6 to 11 September 2021.

Inside the showroom in Via Solferino all the historical pieces of the brand will be exhibited: the legendary radio.cubo born from the collaboration between the designers Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper, the radio grattacielo designed by Marco Zanuso, the wearit designed by Michael Young and finally the Brionvega radiofonografo signed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.

For the occasion, Brionvega will launch the re-edition of a cult object from the Seventies, come and discover what it is.

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Salone del Mobile 2021, a great success for Brionvega

The last day of the Salone del Mobile Milano 2021 ended last Friday: seven days full of experiences and emotions in which all those who came to visit the showroom in Via Solferino 24 were able to fully experience the novelties presented by Brionvega.

Among the most significant innovations presented during this edition of Milano Design Week 2021: the new totem rr231 signed in 1971 by the designer Mario Bellini.

Brionvega stand Rinascente

Brionvega stand Rinascente

Brionvega's design in a stand dedicated to the Rinascente in Milan



(Click here to see the interview where Kendall Jenner talks about the radiofonografo)

David Bowie

David Bowie

David Bowie was an owner of one radiofonografo rr126 and one radiocubo ts502 and used them everyday to play his music.

Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola

There were and there are many important people, able to  transform our daily life with new things that fault in love with  Brionvega concepts. Many of them cannot be mentioned but all of them were influenced by the BRIONVEGA timeless design.

Brionvega, Aldo Cibic & Memphis Movement

Brionvega, Aldo Cibic & Memphis Movement

The leading audio brand, Brionvega, was founded in 1945 and is headquartered in Pordenone, Italy. Since the 1960s Brionvega has started its art of design, writing stories of creativity, large-scale, highly individual and fashionable products.

radio.cubo 50°

radio.cubo 50°

We celebrate over 50 years of cubo design history with the radio.cubo 50° edition

radiofonografo Primo: Beyond Ordinary

radiofonografo Primo: Beyond Ordinary

The PRIMO radio phonograph - product code rr226 NOCE CANALETTO - is a complex item complicated to produce

radiofonografo Primo: Achille e Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

radiofonografo Primo: Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

Achille (1918-2002) and Pier Giacomo (1913-1968) are the sons of the once popular Giannino Castiglioni - known as “an artist for sure, but with great common sense”

radiofonografo Primo: A Journey Through History

radiofonografo Primo: A Journey Through History

The radiofonografo was born from the partnership between BRIONVEGA – an industrial excellence of consumer electronics - and the creative genius of architects Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.

radiofonografo Primo: Why an homage?

radiofonografo Primo: Why an homage?

BRIONVEGA reinterprets the first original radiofonografo designed in 1965 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni naming it PRIMO

radiofonografo rr226 enters the new NYC MoMa DesignStore catalog

The MoMA design store in NYC starts selling the last exclusive units of the radiofonografo Limited Edition, celebrating the centenary of the birth of Achille Castiglioni 

After successfully offering the iconic Radio Grattacielo rr327D+S, MoMA has decided to offer all the visitors admiring its design the opportunity to bring into their house another design Icon: the Radiofonografo rr226 designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1965.

Indeed, MoMA has officially introduced in its catalog the 100 numbered pieces “Limited Edition” of the Radiofonografo created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Achille Castiglioni.

Original cabinet design, always handmade - one by one - but with an added value: the tribute to an extraordinary person that, together with his brother Pier Giacomo, have contributed to the creation of a culture and method in industrial design, as well as Italy's supremacy in this field.

This radio and record player are ideal for complete sensory listening. Thanks to the Aux connector, you can also plug in any device, and play your favorite music without limitations!

“Radiofonografo 100 anniversary Limited Edition” is handcrafted in Italy and will be available only at MoMA design store.


Celebrating 100 years of designer Achille Castiglioni

Nasce il Club radiocubo

Nasce il Club radiocubo

Acquista la nuova radio.cubo ts522d+S ed entra a far parte del nuovo esclusivo "Club radio.cubo".

Radiofonografo Brionvega at "Vivere alla Castiglioni" in San Francisco

BRIONVEGA IS HONORED TO BE PART OF THE EXHIBITION "VIVERE ALLA CASTIGLIONI" WITH HIS RADIOFONOGRAFO RR226-O DESIGNED BY ACHILLE AND PIERGIACOMO CASTIGLIONI. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE US, THE EXHIBITION  PAYS HOMAGE TO ACHILLE AND PIER GIACOMO CASTIGLIONI, THE FAMED ITALIAN DESIGNERS, DURING SAN FRANCISCO DESIGN WEEK.  HERE BELOW MORE INFORMATIONS ABOUT THE EVENT: The Italian Cultural Institute and the Consulate General of Italy of San Francisco are proud to present “Vivere alla Castiglioni,” an exhibition organized by the Fondazione Achille Castiglioni of Milan, Italy, and curated by San Francisco-based Italian architect Valentina Anania. Focusing on the contribution of Italian design to contemporary culture, the exclusive display and presentation will be included in the program of the 2017 San Francisco Design Week, June 14 to 20. The main sponsor of the event is CoorItalia, the noted San Francisco supplier of high-end architectural materials. The exhibition is also made possible by the cooperation of the prestigious San Francisco showrooms Dzine Living, Alessi Store and Arkitektura, of the iconic Italian companies Brionvega, FLOS, Poltrona Frau and Zanotta, and of the Danish company Karakter, that are generously lending pieces included in the exhibition. The event is part of the initiative #vivereallitaliana, conceived by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the aim of promoting and celebrating Italian Design in the world. “Vivere alla Castiglioni” is an homage to Achille (1918-2002) and Pier Giacomo (1913-1968), undisputed Italian masters of twentieth-century design. Their objects—still manufactured today and part of many museum collections—stand as clear examples of functionality achieved on both a rational and an emotional level. Achille’s daughter and son, Giovanna and Carlo Castiglioni, will visit San Francisco during San Francisco Design Week as representatives of the Fondazione Castiglioni. Within a “familiar” space recreated with objects designed by their father and uncle, Giovanna and Carlo will bring to life, in a small theatrical performance, some of the Castiglionis’ best-known creations. Italian design culture and the unique Castiglioni approach to design and lifestyle will merge in an entertaining and engaging dialogue about design. The exhibit will be first showcased at Pier 27 on June 14th and 15th, where Giovanna and Carlo Castiglioni will give several lecture/performances, showing examples of Italian lifestyle. On June 16th, after the closing of the San Francisco Design Week events at the Pier, the exhibit will travel to the CoorItalia showroom (151 Vermont Street #10, San Francisco) and then, on June 17th, to the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco (601 Van Ness Ave, Suite F, San Francisco), where it will be on display until June 22nd. In both locations, Giovanna and Carlo Castiglioni will present their lecture again, on June 16th at 5:30 PM at CoorItalia (after a reception starting at 5:00 PM), and on June 17th at 12:30 PM at the Italian Cultural Institute. The stand has been designed by Valentina Anania as a tribute to one of the most praised exhibits conceived by the Castiglioni brothers. A red tape on the floor delineates the general layout of the stand as a re-enactment of the famous 1957 exhibit “Dimensione Domestica” at Villa Olmo, in Como, Italy. The display of objects is complemented by a reproduction of some of the architectural elements and furniture of the original exhibition. Photos printed on the perimetral panels recreate the environment of the Castiglionis’ original design studio, now the Castiglioni Foundation. Giovanna and Carlo will use these panels to arrange different “set designs” for their presentation, allowing viewers to get a taste of everyday Milanese life, while emphasizing the use of irony, a fundamental aspect of the Castiglionis’ work. The stand has been constructed with the support of the Academy of Arts University of San Francisco. A celebrated video, "I fratelli Castiglioni," made by Studio di Monte Olimpino for Allmark Gallery of New York in 1967, will be played on monitors. The research film (16 mm, b/w, sound, duration 9', 1967) is a portrait of the two Castiglioni architect-designers. It was written by Bruno Munari, directed by Marcello Piccardo, and photographed by Michele Piccardo. Another important testimony is the video of a lecture Achille gave during the 1989 International Design Conference of Aspen, CO. The video, courtesy of Fondazione Castiglioni, was restored by Italian lighting company FLOS on the occasion of the 2014 Milan Design Film Festival. One of the Castiglionis’ historical partners and a major funder of Fondazione Castiglioni, FLOS is generously making this video available to 2017 San Francisco Design Week. As a way to underscore the influence of Italian design and lifestyle in San Francisco, maps will be provided at Pier 27 showing major hotspots of Italian Design around the city that can be viewed during San Francisco Design Week. From furniture and interiors to restaurants and fashion, the map points out the diverse commercial and creative connections between San Francisco and Italy. For more information, please contact: Paolo Barlera Italian Cultural Institute This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel. (415) 788-7142 Dawn Zidonis Executive Director, San Francisco Design Week This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel. (415) 626-6008 Serena Perfetto Marketing & Communications, CoorItalia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Radiofonografo rr226-O Originale. Omaggio al design che ha fatto la storia.

Un oggetto incomparabile, simbolo del nostro heritage culturale e familiare che si tramanda di generazione in generazione. Forma, materiali, lavorazioni artigianali ed attenzione ai minimi particolari unite ad una enorme passione hanno creato il radiofonografo BRIONVEGA oltre 50 anni fa.

Nasce la linea “Portami sempre con te”

BRIONVEGA pensa all’estate con Pijama Nasce la linea “Portami sempre con te”, sei soft case colorate per ascoltare la RadioCubo anche in vacanza!

Brionvega al Salone del Mobile 2016

DESIGN WEEK 2016 - BRIONVEGA presenterà WEARiT ts217 – martedì 12 aprile dalle 10.30 alle 19.00 @BASE Milano (ex Ansaldo) - Via Bergognone 34, ang. via Tortona Michael Young sarà presente e disponibile per interviste  

Brionvega al Vintage Festival 2014

Dal 12 al 14 settembre a Padova torna la quinta edizione del festival più seguito nel settore: cultura dell'immagine e ricerca di stile in chiave contemporary retrò

Brionvega al Concept Store “Design Dreams” di Castangia

Venerdì 7 dicembre si inaugura a Cagliari il primo concept store che raccoglie tutti i maggiori brands del design made in Italy.

Il Good Design tra storia e futuro

Il Good Design tra storia e futuro

Si è conclusa a Villa Sartirana il 29 marzo la mostra sul Good Design, realizzata in collaborazione con 3D ed il Comune di Giussano.


Brionvega is a BV 2 srl brand based in Milano, Italy. Its mission is to revamp made in Italy design icons worldwide through the objects which made the history of italian industrial design

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