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Brionvega event @ Fuorisalone 2022 live streaming on Instagram

On Wednesday 8th June on the occasion of the Milan Design Week Brionvega will broadcast on its Instagram account an exclusive performance curated by Eugenio Altieri with the Brionvega Art Products.

"The timeless orchestra" an audiovisual experience where the Brionvega iconic objects will be connected in a sound salon, where musical objects and men dialogue in a sweet melody. 




• Timeless - There are objects that were born without time, as if they had always existed, waiting to be discovered.

Objects that says with us over the years, which are there, apparently motionless but in constant motion. They speak to us. They take on a family identity, given by the shapes, materials and signs of time, thus becoming an integral part of our daily life.

• Animated objects - The objects of sound reproduction have an unveiled soul that communicate through Sound. These Object identity is shaped with the person they interact with.

The "totem" by Bellini and the "radiofonografo" by the Castiglioni brothers, are two objects conceived by brilliant minds, with a very different approach, user experience and appearance, but united by the same wavelength, the Sound.

Therefore music, despite culture, language or religion differences, always manages to connect everyone without distinction, and in this case it goes further, involving objects apparently inanimate.

• Dialoghi Sonori - "Dialoghi Sonori" ("Sound Dialogues") is a live experience, where iconic objects of Italian design communicate with each other through sound.

The idea is to create a "sound lounge" where musical objects and persons interact as in a normal human relationship, by conversing in a sweet melody.

The human being, like an orchestra conductor, directs and searches for a primitive and organic harmony, through the synchrony of complex machines.

The focus of this sensory experience is to let different sound objects communicate with each other and with humans, to create an abstract dimension made of sounds and shapes.


totem rr226


Eugenio Altieri

Eugenio Altieri is a Product / UX Designer and Sound Artist who works between Milan and Berlin. 
After a Master Degree in Product Design at Politecnico di Milano, he moved to Shanghai where he lived for about 10 years, and worked as a Product/Sound Designer and Performer, collaborating with international brands and design agencies. 
Designer among musicians and musician among designers, his research has always been poised between the Physical world, made up of materials and interactions, and the Abstract world of the subconscious, which is expressed through sound. Altieri finds its artistic space right along this borderline, where the two worlds meet.

"Every object has a soul, and sound is the inner voice that confirms its existence"

Already in the installation "Materialism, The sound of Furnitures" made in Shanghai, the designer makes iconic objects of Italian design interact with simple single-purpose machines that, by rubbing the different material surfaces with different movements, create abstract sounds and reveal a new dimension.

For the Brionvega installation, staged in Milan during Design week 2022, the designer imagined a sound dialogue between some audio icons of Italian design.