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The success of the Brionvega Art Products in France - The new radiofonografo rr226

We are proud to announce that Brionvega Art Products are enjoying great success in France! Below you can see some of the most relevant press releases of the new radiofonografo rr226 fo-st from June to September 2022:

 press fr1

 Elle Decoration
radiofonografo rr226 fo-st Noce Canaletto


Half a century of uniqueness, told by a smile that is like that of the first day. The classic radiofonografo signed in 1965 by the Castiglioni brothers lives again today thanks to Brionvega. A playful and complicit concept design that inspires a performance and a playful approach to the object and opens up an intimate relationship with this classic piece.

Loved by David Bowie, who kept a very special version of it in his home, the radiofonografo was born from Achille Castiglioni's personal conviction that “Objects must keep company”. The re-edition of the rr126 radiofonografo is a tribute by Brionvega to the most famous sound design in the world.


press fr2Ideat & Traits D'co
radiofonografo rr226 fo-st Noce Canaletto 


FM/AM radio, bluetooth connection, Pro-Ject turntable with Ortofon stylus and the possibility of adding external monitors, the Brionvega radiofonografo is built in fine wood and mounted on a metal base with wheels.


press fr9

 Beaux Arts Magazine
radiofonografo rr226 fo-st White


The classic radiofonografo of the Castiglioni brothers is an enigma, a puzzle that still engages the imagination of design enthusiasts. The rr226 is a work of art that hides a secret within itself... A secret hidden in the movement of its volumes, in the various and subsequent modular configurations that the two monitors can assume, in the push-button panel, in the spatial and familiar line together that make it a piece of design that is always new: an object that after 50 years continues to arouse admiration and curiosity in all lovers of great design.


press fr7

 Ca&La & Archistorm
radiofonografo rr226 fo-st Noce Canaletto & White

press fr11

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The Brionvega radiofonografo is available in white, red, orange and in a limited edition in canaletto walnut. A classic of Made in Italy design that, after 50 years, never ceases to fascinate, intrigue, conquer. Click here to go the product sheet of the new radiofonografo rr226 fo-st