radiofonografo Primo: A Journey Through History

radiofonografo Primo: A Journey Through History

PRIMO is the perfect identification of an appliance designed in 1965 by two giants of global industrial design and still produced after more than fifty years.

Picture Milan, a forge of enlightened architects, engineers and craftsmen.

Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni’s original idea was to “provide mobility and dynamism to an object static by nature” by offering the best listening experience ever and without forgetting the “search for the minimal form”, which will always represent the “main planning component” for the two brothers.

The radiofonografo took shape and was brought to life: a unique item soon to become an icon, recognized and well-known by many.

Not a radio nor a record player, but “the radio with an integrated record player.”

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A multisensorial object, conceived not only to play music impeccably but made “to keep company”, as confirmed by the playful design of a musical, anthropomorphic and smiling robot turning it into a friend able to bring technology closer to man.

The radio phonograph was studied so as to change its shape from time to time and based on the function required, thus becoming a sort of modular
toy, something to move inside a room with two acoustic speakers combinable in different ways: on top of the central module to listen to a
radio with a reduced bulk; hanging on the sides to listen to vinyl records; detached on the floor or around the room to enjoy its stereophony at best.

All these elements have made the radio phonograph a true and timeless piece of art. A household cult under the spotlight, protected and cared for
up to be handed down to new generations as all our precious and beloved heirlooms - our loyal life companions.
That is what genius is all about: the ability to turn into something extremely close, understandable, factual and simple something that is not.