radiofonografo Primo: Beyond Ordinary

radiofonografo Primo: Beyond Ordinary


The PRIMO radio phonograph - product code rr226 NOCE CANALETTO - is a complex item complicated to produce, not much compatible with the high-level of industrial craftsmanship, which, as originally conceived by its creators in the ‘60s, should have turned into mass production for the widest diffusion possible.

The sandpapered wood panels or the hand-finish stand, obtained through sand casting and molding, the machine-milled buttons with hand finish, as well as the frame holes, also hand painted with multiple layers, the assembly of the various components and finally the silk-skin printing... The mastery craftmanship still leads the entire production chain in its unreplaceable and winning role.

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It takes 26 hours to create a PRIMO radiofonografo and every single one marks the time of a thorough, unique and unrepeatable manufacturing process.

We are therefore standing before a true act of love, able to transcend the sense of possession and crystalize the value of the object.

An extraordinary homage to an irremissible product for design lovers and at the same time an authentic, contemporary work of art.