Brionvega and the Salone del Mobile 2021 an opportunity to restart

On Tuesday 24th of May a television reportage about the radiofonografo and Brionvega’s design was broadcast on RAI 3 news, national broadcaster, on a large service on the up coming of Salone del Mobile and the importance of design.


"At the Salone del Mobile, novelties are usually presented, but there are also cult objects that are back in production. Like an object of great design appreciated by David Bowie and Francis Ford Coppola, just to name two, which stands up to the times. The radiofonografo."


"The Brionvega's radiofonografo, bourgeois icon of the Sixties, designed by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni and back on the market. Protagonist without epoch has been changed and improved in some features but remains substantially the same to the model that David Bowie used to listen to his records at home."

radiofonografo rr226 fo-st

"22 hours of work are required to assemble a specimen, the latter are the most delicate. Testing is entrusted to a sound specialist who then personally takes the photographs that are sent to the customer."


"Testing is entrusted to a sound specialist who then personally takes the photographs that are sent to the customer. Finally shipping, in huge customized boxes, up to 3 months can pass from order to delivery and for distribution, networks and dealers around the world are not enough, regardless of the size of the company opportunities are also needed to create synergies."

radiofonografo rr226 fo-st

"The “Salone del Mobile” in September will be an opportunity to restart. It is an act of courage also because it should represent a bit of the restoration of an important tradition for Italy. So not doing it would have been a mistake." - CEO Maurizio Cini

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"Beauty is not vintage, it just never goes out of style!"


"A design object certainly remains evergreen. Great design becomes an icon and best represents the characteristics of Italian design which are an extraordinary technical ability and a narrative ability placed in its time, but with the ability to develop narratives over time." - Luciano Galimberti (president of ADI - Association for industrial design)