Hannes Wettstein

Art director of Brionvega from 2003 to 2004, the swiss Hannes Wettstein was one of the most appreciated contemporary designers and architects. Design objects and surfaces to redesign its specialties, as shown by the unique pieces for Ventura, Cassina, Shimano, Molteni, Artemide or Alessi, just to name a few, or the spaces of the swiss embassy in Washington DC and the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin. His training began as a building designer, before expanding his horizons and exploring the world of design and architecture. Since 1991, with the team of the studio he created, he continues to develop architectural projects with great attention to the context: high quality spaces for everyday life and for work. His "objects of use", elegant and with their own identity, differ from the others for a careful and profound research on clean shapes and modern lines. Only an easy-to-read design, according to his vision, is in fact able to last over the years. Vision of shapes for an evolving design.