the production


Every radiofonografo is an unique handwork, but at its origin there is a cutting edge manufacturing process, with buttons and chassis made by CNC milling machines, a stand melted in a single piece from a sand mould and then painted with high technology equipments.



The capable hands of our artisans turn the precision machineries semifinished products into truly unique products. Wood panels sanding, components assembly, stand finishing and silk screen printing are all processes allowing the italian craftsmanship tradition to make each radiofonografo unique.


The typical tobacco colour, hand made stand polishing, CNC milled buttons, Loudspeakers holes hand painted in several layers. The finishing of the many elements composing the radiofonografo make for a timeless quality object.



Every single element composing radiofonografo undergo a careful quality check in order to ensure the highest quality for each product. From the stand to the speakers, from the main body to the smallest component. For this reason with each radiofonografo comes a certificate of quality, authenticity and fidelity to the original project.